Chinese New Year 2022

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Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is a festival that celebrates the start of a new year according to the traditional lunisolar and solar Chinese calendars.

It is a festival of prosperity, and typically welcomes in the beginning of the spring season. The festival is one of the most important celebrations in China and has strongly influenced the Lunar New Year celebrated in many other countries. Despite how cheerful this celebration is now though; the whole festival is thought to be based on a myth of fear.

According to the myth, the beast known as The Nian (A beast who lives under the sea or in mountains) would come from its home into neighbouring villages during the annual spring festival and ate the townsfolk during the middle of the night, mainly children as they were the ones asleep at home while the adults continued their festivities. One year, the villagers had had enough and decided to hide from the beast but before they went into hiding, an old man named Yanhuang appeared in the town promising he would get revenge on The Nian for them. When night fell, Yanhuang placed red papers and firecrackers all around town, successfully scaring away the beast and saving the town from its annual destruction. The villagers, returning to their unscathed village, assumed that the old man must be a deity sent to protect them. Yanhuang assured them that this was not the case and that his own village had been through the terror of The Nian and had learnt that the beast feared loud noises and the colour red, and that when he had heard that their town was the beast’s new victim, he simply wished to share his knowledge. The townsfolk thanked him for the help and set up a new type of festivity for the spring festival, each year they would wear red clothes, hang red scrolls and red lanterns from their houses and they would light firecrackers and bang their drums as loud as they could to celebrate their new found safety and fend away The Nian for another year.

Throughout the years these traditions have widely stayed the same, traditional dress in red and gold colours to show luck and happiness and to ward off evil. The red lanterns and scrolls are still used to decorate the streets and the red envelopes, also known as Hong Bao, are given to children as they were the main targets of The Nian to wish them luck and offer them prosperity.

This year, 2022, is a year of the water tiger which occurs every 60 years the last of which was 1962. Other recent years include 1950 and 2010’s Metal Tiger, 1974 and 2034’s Wood Tiger, 1926 and 1986’s Fire Tiger, and 1938 and 1998’s Earth Tiger. Tiger years are seen as good years for bringing about new changes and encourages people to overcome all difficulties and challenges in their lives with the strength and bravery of the tiger, a symbol of strength. People believe that a year of the tiger is the best time to renew everything, especially your strength and your energy. Years of the water tiger are especially good for letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. So, if you are facing a challenge this year or just want to sit back and let go of the last few years now is the time to reflect on those times and get your energy back. Take some time for you and welcome in new challenges.




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